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first journal entry 8D

huh, just recently had the urge to start writing actual entries to this journal...I hope my watch-list doesn't mind ^^;

journal entries are probably mostly gonna be about my fandoms anyways, with little bits and pieces of info/summaries on magazines and clips


for the V6/Okada fans, I've currently initiated a subbing project for Fly, Daddy, Fly, which will be posted to 1995_to_forever whenever it's done 8D
might be posting status updates to this journal, so far we've got the whole subbing crew together with me as translator, so I'll get down to work right away to move the project along X3
for the fans who can read chinese, I've got the chinese subbed version of the movie uploaded over at MU


I watched TRASHMASTRAUNT yesterday, Masa's Yone-chan is too kakkoi (in an evil, arrogant way) *w*
what really interested me though was the "codenaming" of each character as a "country"
this seems to be a commentary about each country's power roles and the pushing of responsibility for destroying the "peace" (the v-sign statue) and turning it into "war" (the broken statue left with one middle finger)
US (Yone) is cool and composed, always talking about his responsibility to the "shop", and justifying his views through UK and Japan's "back-up"
South Korea (Kim) is ditzy and sparkly and generally as uninterested in serious issues as Hinocchi, she's also "sleeping with" US, but not really
Germany (Dogu) is a suppressed and timid indignant who harbors a hidden violent personality
Japan (Hinocchi) reads manga all the time and is all around uncaring of world issues, usually relying on US to get him out of trouble (after US had "beat him up" at their first meeting)
North Korea (Hakase) sucks up to everyone and is constantly bullied/ridiculed
Iraq (Rakumi) wears "No War" on her T-shirt but is rash and gets bullied by US and UK, she also receives no apology after US and UK were proven wrong in their accusations
UN (store manager) idealizes the "statue" of peace, but is all around reduced to a useless screaming ball when it's broken, relying on the other countries' "honesty" to solve the "mystery" of who broke the statue of peace
North Korea ends up with the blame even though it was actually South Korea's fault AND IN THE END NORTH KOREA EXPLODES AND KILLS EVERYONE (nuclear bomb anyone?)
but! he didn't manage to kill Japan or US, those last few minutes of North Korea trying to get Japan to kill a wounded US was so intense *3*
Yone's "it's your job to clean up right?" to Hinocchi (who is the janitor boy) is followed by insane laughter to round up an insane series
I'm still searching for the making of though *loves backstage footage*
anywho, just felt the need to push just how awesome this series is XD
still miffed that Masa isn't willing to act in more TV roles though
he's too modest, I personally think he looks dazzling on TV >3>


now, Okada's OTO-NA-RI magazines (there's been like, more than two dozen different magazines out since April Oo; he's gonna be breaking many wallets OTZ
I've translated a few into Chinese, but they're mostly on his role and interaction with Asao Kumiko (co-actress)

cute little tidbits from OtonaFami (vol18): they're both manga (esp. mountain climbing manga Oo) and video game fans, they both like FullMetal Alchemist (Okada's read the manga, and watched the anime and movie), Okada likes to tease Asao that she's forgetful (she doesn't remember their first meeting a few years ago and some person's party XD;), they're both amateur cooks (Okada reads cook books); oh, and Okada burnt his hand on the hot plate cuz he was staring at the "super adorable" Oobashi Nozomi (the little girl on 090410 VVV6), he says if he becomes a father to a child like her, he would be guarding the door with a gun to turn down any guy who dares come near his daughter XDDDDD;

from PINKY (June 2009): basically Okada answers 32 questions about love from readers; he'll spoil his girlfriend a lot, like to see the "natural" side her without social pressures, isn't really into pairs-jewelry, would want to hug tightly when either is sad or feeling down, would apologize first after a fight, takes his time with falling in love, will go shopping with his girlfriend for sure (except for underwear cuz he's not particularly excited by that), has never(?) hit on girls before, likes to have a girlfriend with similar tastes, believes he can make room for love instead of giving it up for work, has loved someone so much it became painful (but that's all "resolved" now), and would want his girlfriend to do housework (cuz he doesn't wanna) but is willing to do it if she can't (since he fell in love with her)
basically a very adorable summary of his love life with Yuu-chan? XD


tv show ramblings =3

[US] Leverage - more for the characters/team-love than for the plot/execution though
[US] The Mentalist - Jane! and also team-love again, along with Cho, even if he's a bit whitewashed
[UK] Merlin - a young Merlin with a young Arthur just seems like a really awesome concept XD and I like how none of the girls are annoying maidens and the developing friendships; wasn't a fan of the original Arthur legends anyways so I'll enjoy this more XD;
[UK] Being Human - thanks to wingstodust for introducing it to me XD; but why has it stopped at 6 episodes? T-T
[TW] 痞子英雄/Black&White - this is just so squee-worthy, and I've kinda fallen in love with Vic Zhou again (Mars was first time, though Barbie kinda annoyed the hell outta me); it's almost up to par with SP in the character mystery AND action(!!) division; wingstodust agrees how the train-jacking scene has been the most intense thing we've watched in a long while (in Asians shows at least); few minor character castings were kinda meh but one needs to remind oneself that this IS a taiwanese show XD;
[CH] 射雕英雄传/Legend of the Condor Heroes - this is kinda old (2008), but I'm watching it with my bro online XD I think I've watched a different version from WAY BACK before, but as with all Chinese wuxia novels, I'm hooked from the start XD; the main character's persevering naivety, borderline stupidity and general innocence, coupled with his amazing Mongolian bow skills and later on gongfu, is a really interesting take on a wuxia adventure type story, and Ariel didn't annoy me as much as her TW series
[KR] 선덕여왕/Queen Seon-deok - UTW's new drama! his first saeguk! armory and swords! (supposed) non-focus on romantic wiles! epic historic political cat fight! I'm sure his acting will sparkle! (sad things: he broke up with his girlfriend, JJH busted for drugs!? no more dramas for him? *sadface*)


andand! I've recently got my hands on the SP DVD specials *____*
there wasn't as much Okada/Tsutsumi interaction as I'd hoped, but there were many cute little dorkly giggling scenes between them; you also see Tsutsumi play with the nintendo DS he said he bought in that Mentore-G interview Okada had sent a VTR to XD his excitement with the little screen is adorable *lovesplode*
there was also some unaired Mezamashi interview bits with team 4 antics, and the project announcement press conference footage (which I haven't watched yet XD)

Kaneshiro's blog hasn't been very informant about the SP movie, though he did mention Okada (O-kun) had met up and had meals with him a few times before XD;


new V6 single out next month means TV performances! V6 together (outside kumagusu episodes recorded ages ago) again! new dance!


also, for those watching my journal purely for KAT-TUN translations: I probably won't be updating anything new as I've kind of retreated from that particular fandom, and if I do, it'll be x-posted to kattunlove so there's no need to keep watching me ^^;
...it's not that I no longer like KT, I'm just more of a lurker now that others are contributing more =X


=O blog post?! zomg. =D (so you can access your lj now? lol)

kukuku, you do realize now that you officially offered Fly Daddy Fly on your lj publicly, I will now never cease to remind/bug you about it, right? =D

Hmm... TRASHMASTRAUNT either sounds like it could go terribly wrong for me or I might surprisingly end up liking it... I'm wary of allegories in my entertainment, especially in books *kicks One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest* Speaking of which, I can't find information about this show (movie?) anywhere... *nudges* =D

It will never cease to amuse me that Okada Junichi likes FMA. (You think he'll end up reading Demon's Lexicon for the cover? *shifts eyes*)

Ah... Merlin. I dunno, I mean, I thought it was b00tiful crack, but... I couldn't get into it? Perhaps it's the episodic feel of the show or something... ^^;;;
Being Human WILL BE RENEWED FOR A SECOND SEASON. *determined face*
Oh! btw, um, Queen Seon-Duk comes out May 25th... ^^;; sry for the misinformation... ^^;;