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[fansub] 090327 VVV6 Morita Delivery part

fandom: V6 (Morita Go), other (Tom Cruise)
title: 090327 VVV6 Morita Delivery part
file format: avi (english subs)
server: megaupload
fansubs: ninefly (me =D)
brief summary: The Delivery section from the 2009.03.27 episode of V6's food-filled show VVV6. Basically, this section features one member of V6 (in this episode Morita) acting as a food delivery service for another celebrity, but the catch is, they'll have to give the show something in return (usually a personal belonging). In this episode, the target is Tom Cruise, who probably hit every variety show in Japan promoting his movie Valkyrie. Go basically tries out his limited Eigo-skillz ("how are you", "great") and flaunts the fact that Tom Cruise opened the door for him and is copying his handwriting XDDD; I've transcribed what Tom says just for the sake of those visual learners(?), if Tom speaks Japanese, the translation is in brackets. This was a present for nayanko <3 also trying out a new logo XD

This fansub was translated/timed/hardsubbed by me, please do not redistribute without permission.

[ninefly fansub] 090327 VVV6 Morita Delivery part.avi (57M)
download @ MU
download @ MF (thanks ayuzak!)

critiques are welcome! I'm always looking to improve =)
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Thank you so much ^-^
Thank you!
i view this yesterday n waitin' for mf...
thanks u soooooo much...
you're guys awesome...
thank i so much for this:)
Thanks for the subs!
Thanks for your hard work!
hontou ni arigatou ^_^...
Thank you!!
I'll enjoy watching this video with the subs because of you!
thank you for sharing^^
Thankyou very very much for this, I just watched the Oguri & Yamada video of the same segment and thought I'd grab this too. Thanks for your lovely work!
just found this!^^;
thanks for sharing~~~<3
thank you :D
Thank you so much!
thank you so much! ^^
thanks a lot
Thank you so much!
Thank you for this release ♥
thank you~
thank yoou! ^^
Thanks for this!
Thank you so much for subbing and sharing. Wanna see how's Go-kun GOing with dai-star like Tom Cruise. (lol)

Thank you so much for subbing and sharing.
thanks a lot ^^