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September 9th, 2019


collective + to do post

2010.09.18 | woot! updated Ichioku's One Piece anthology scanlations, project complete!

2009.09.01 | my computer has broken for the third time this year orz all my files are fine, it's a problem with the display card, but I can't get stuff off my laptop harddrive...I can still work on pure translation on my family computer, but subbing and scanlating projects are on hold until I buy a new laptop D:

2009.05.08 | another clearing of tags and changing 'series' back to 'animanga' since I'm no longer exclusively in animanga fandoms XD; also started writing journal entries...hope watchers don't mind, just skip the cut and you won't be exposed to 1000+ words of fandom ramblings =X

2009.04.06 | i've been having trouble lately balancing schoolwork with translations, and i apologize to my watchers if i've been neglecting certain fandoms OTZ i'm probably going to be working over the summer, but i'll keep working on the projects, i'm the type who usually can't leave anything unfinished ^^; hopefully a few projects will be done by the end of summer... (randomly: new layout, need a change of pace...)

SO! this is a collective post of everything that's on this journal (except my journal entries) with their respective tags so I can remind myself just how many things I've got to finish

NOTE1: an accentuated link means the post is still being (eventually) updated/added to
NOTE2: i'm a self-taught japanese translator (with 2 years of basic schooling) so i admit i sometimes make mistakes, thus here's a link to my CORRECTIONS POST; feel free to bring up any mistakes you see, i will be eternally grateful~
NOTE3: most of the MU/MF/BOX links are stored in my own account folder, so they're not likely to expire, but if anything does, please feel free to give me a nudge ^^
NOTE4: all posts are avatar-coded; animanga is purple, music is green, journal entries/misc is blue, and default is red


o1 - fansubs
i've recently found joy(!?) in timing/encoding, so maybe some short clips from V6's shows (KT has loads of fansubbers more skilled than i)
currently translator for Vibes Fansubs @ 1995_to_forever

o2 - lyrics
mainly kat-tun's 2nd album...which was out a million years ago but D:
the relative order I'm working on them:
a) KAT-TUN songs on normal edition (disc1) <-- currently working on
b) solo songs on normal edition (disc1)
c) KAT-TUN songs on limited edition (disc2)
and now V6's SPIRIT single because I'm listening to them way too much anyways 8D

o3 - doujinshi
a) One Piece - scanlations for papercut_scans (is it dead?) and summarpirates
b) Reborn! - translations for defa_scans
c) Gintama - cleaning/editing for chinese gintama forum

o4 - other translations
a) gintama novels + Jump SQ. serialization <-- slowly progressing...


Eyeshield21 - football! i'll probably finish reading this series when it ends *nostalgic*Collapse )
Saiyuki series - my childhood heroes in a manga series *JOY*Collapse )
One Piece - still the most epic shounen adventure manga everCollapse )
Gintama - oh how i love your bathroom jokes SorachiCollapse )


KAT-TUN - if I weren't an ossan-con I would melt for you XD;Collapse )
V6 - the big happy family of 10-year age gaps and awesome variety showsCollapse )


I've had many people ask if they could use my translations for stuff. Thanks for taking the time, I really appreciate that you guys are asking for permission! Just some general rules for using my translations:

I only require credit if it's going to be mass-distributed (ex. fansubs, scanlations) and/or if you're using a large part of the translation (ex. a whole stanza, anything longer than two lines), but of course if you could credit me for small projects (like icons/quotes), it'll make me even happier =D
The credit could be given just as a link to this journal (http://ninefly.livejournal.com) or something like "ninefly @ LiveJournal" is fine too if the URL is too long.

If the forum/community/etc. you're posting to is not English, it's probably best to link to the actual journal entry so they could see the original post directly.

All comments asking for permission could be directed to this post, for sake of consistency. Though, I've got comment alert emails turned on, so I'll probably be notified even if you ask from another post (as long as LJ does not malfunction...).