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2010.09.18 | woot! updated Ichioku's One Piece anthology scanlations, project complete!

2009.09.01 | my computer has broken for the third time this year orz all my files are fine, it's a problem with the display card, but I can't get stuff off my laptop harddrive...I can still work on pure translation on my family computer, but subbing and scanlating projects are on hold until I buy a new laptop D:

2009.05.08 | another clearing of tags and changing 'series' back to 'animanga' since I'm no longer exclusively in animanga fandoms XD; also started writing journal entries...hope watchers don't mind, just skip the cut and you won't be exposed to 1000+ words of fandom ramblings =X

2009.04.06 | i've been having trouble lately balancing schoolwork with translations, and i apologize to my watchers if i've been neglecting certain fandoms OTZ i'm probably going to be working over the summer, but i'll keep working on the projects, i'm the type who usually can't leave anything unfinished ^^; hopefully a few projects will be done by the end of summer... (randomly: new layout, need a change of pace...)

SO! this is a collective post of everything that's on this journal (except my journal entries) with their respective tags so I can remind myself just how many things I've got to finish

NOTE1: an accentuated link means the post is still being (eventually) updated/added to
NOTE2: i'm a self-taught japanese translator (with 2 years of basic schooling) so i admit i sometimes make mistakes, thus here's a link to my CORRECTIONS POST; feel free to bring up any mistakes you see, i will be eternally grateful~
NOTE3: most of the MU/MF/BOX links are stored in my own account folder, so they're not likely to expire, but if anything does, please feel free to give me a nudge ^^
NOTE4: all posts are avatar-coded; animanga is purple, music is green, journal entries/misc is blue, and default is red


o1 - fansubs
i've recently found joy(!?) in timing/encoding, so maybe some short clips from V6's shows (KT has loads of fansubbers more skilled than i)
currently translator for Vibes Fansubs @ 1995_to_forever

o2 - lyrics
mainly kat-tun's 2nd album...which was out a million years ago but D:
the relative order I'm working on them:
a) KAT-TUN songs on normal edition (disc1) <-- currently working on
b) solo songs on normal edition (disc1)
c) KAT-TUN songs on limited edition (disc2)
and now V6's SPIRIT single because I'm listening to them way too much anyways 8D

o3 - doujinshi
a) One Piece - scanlations for papercut_scans (is it dead?) and summarpirates
b) Reborn! - translations for defa_scans
c) Gintama - cleaning/editing for chinese gintama forum

o4 - other translations
a) gintama novels + Jump SQ. serialization <-- slowly progressing...


Eyeshield 21
tag: (animanga) eyeshield 21
>> manga translations
126th Down | 127th Down | 128th Down | 152nd Down | 153rd Down | 154rd Down | 155rd Down | 156rd Down | 157rd Down | 158rd Down | 159th Down | 160th Down | 161st Down | 162nd Down | 163rd Down | 164th Down | 165th Down | 166th Down | 167th Down | 183rd Down | 188th Down | 189th Down | 190th Down | 191st Down

Saiyuki Gaiden
tag: (animanga) saiyuki
>> manga translations
story 23 (summer2006) | story 27 (winter2008)

Saiyuki RELOAD
tag: (animanga) saiyuki
>> manga translations
- Saiyuki OFFROAD (Minekura's chapter)
- KoZeroSum Vol.4 Extra
act.xx part1 (july2007)

One Piece
tag: (animanga) one piece
>> doujinshi scanlations
- Yamato & Haga Inochi Anthology

tag: (animanga) gintama
>> manga translations
lesson 191 | lesson 192 | lesson 194 | lesson 195
(no longer updated, kiirobon is doing a great job over at gintama, ganbare!)
>> Ginpachi-sensei novel Jump SQ. serialization translations
lecture 001
>> drama cd translations
- Drama CD 5
>> uploads
- Gintama OST2
>> fanworks
- Wallpaper: gold&silver (feat. Kintoki&Gintoki)
- Fanart: what i was protecting...has never changed (feat. Shiroyasha&Gintoki)


tag: (music) kat-tun
>> media downloads
- DREAM BOYS 2006 Fancam 2006.01.03 (MU)
- kame's DoCoMo 903iTV CM - surfing ver (30s) (box.net)
- 20070218 Shounen Club Premium VTR (with trans) (box.net)
- hitotsu yane no ue (complete 20 episodes with chinese subs) (MU)
- 2007.04.11 cartoonKAT-TUN (with summary) (MU)
- KAT-TUN - 2007.04.18 [ALBUM] cartoon KAT-TUN II You (MU+SS+MF)
>> various translations
- review on NTT DoCoMo FOMA 903iTV CM making of
- Nakamaru's Page - 2007.02.19 - went to New York
- KAT-TUN STYLE 20070402 - kame part
- cartoon KAT-TUN II You 2007Con - 070414 hiroshima MC
- R-ONE KAT-TUN 070417 - special guest kame
- KAT-TUN MANUAL - 2007.04.24 - kamenashi
- 2007Con - 070505 report (1st act)
- Nakamaru's Page #71 - 2007.05.18 - new CM + meeting Massu
- cartoon KAT-TUN II You [ALBUM] lyrics
- yorokobi no uta [SINGLE] lyrics
- 2007Con - 070602 akame moments + bonus kouki/kame moment
- KAT-TUN MANUAL - 2007.06.05 - kamenashi
- cartoonKAT-TUN viewership ratings + episode info (no longer updated, sorry)
- Keep the faith [SINGLE] lyrics

tag: (music) v6
>> media downloads
- 2009 Sony CM - Okada Junichi x Sony Handycam (MF)
- 2009 Ebara CM - Coming Century x golden taste sauce (MU/MF)
- 2009 Glico CM - Okada Junichi x Papico; "to be bored" ver. (MU/MF)
- Dear Friend (1999-11-29) starring: Okada Junichi (MU)
>> fansubs
- 090403 VVV6 Okada Delivery part (MU/MF)
- 090416 CHICHINPUIPUI Okada interview (MU/MF)
- 090327 VVV6 Morita Delivery part (MU)
>> various translations
- スピリット [SINGLE] lyrics
- GUILTY [SONG] lyrics


I've had many people ask if they could use my translations for stuff. Thanks for taking the time, I really appreciate that you guys are asking for permission! Just some general rules for using my translations:

I only require credit if it's going to be mass-distributed (ex. fansubs, scanlations) and/or if you're using a large part of the translation (ex. a whole stanza, anything longer than two lines), but of course if you could credit me for small projects (like icons/quotes), it'll make me even happier =D
The credit could be given just as a link to this journal (http://ninefly.livejournal.com) or something like "ninefly @ LiveJournal" is fine too if the URL is too long.

If the forum/community/etc. you're posting to is not English, it's probably best to link to the actual journal entry so they could see the original post directly.

All comments asking for permission could be directed to this post, for sake of consistency. Though, I've got comment alert emails turned on, so I'll probably be notified even if you ask from another post (as long as LJ does not malfunction...).


Happy Birthday~

Love: Suzuki Kiritani

WOW ur a busy person! O_O
ahh i hope you have a great bday!!! ♥~
thanks~ <3
wow, I just realized this morning that I'm 18 XDDDDD;
I hope that doesn't mean I'll get busier OTZ
ah sugoi~ 18! adult hoooddd!
big responsibility >_<
omedetou gozaimasu~! ♥ :D
Hi!! Happy Birthday!!!

I always read your translated post about kat-tun. Thank you for posting them:D Good luck in your univesity exam :D I wish you pass them and i wish u happiness on the career path that you will choose. In my case before, i had fever during one of my entrance exam *cries* so i was really dizzy because of headache and the questions *lol*. Study hard but also remember to take a lot of rest :D.

Also, more birthdays to come :D


thanks~ <3
I feel old XDDDD;
I really appreciate the tips ^^
I'm taking Media, so it shouldn't be overly hard to get a job I hope
and I'm glad you found my posts useful ^^
I hope I'll be able to finish those KAT-TUN lyrics soon with the workload here anyways...
No need to rush:D Prioritize ur studies first;)

Welcome to the old age *lol*...
Happy Birthday! ♥ Hope you're having a great day! :DD
thanks~ <3
(sorry about this generic first line, it's the simplest way to express my gratitude XDDDD;)
but, I am having a great day =Dv
classes start again tomorrow though, at least I get to sleep in until 2PM >3>
Pffft. It's all about the generic first lines. :D ♥

Sleep in until 2am? That's so cool. :DV Just the thing one needs after a birthday. XD
i hope you dont mind me adding you? :D you have a lot of cool things on your livejournal...i hope it is okay ^^

btw goodluck in your university placement exams =D
i'm going through the stress of those too! and just 28days until freedom
go ahead ^^
I'm glad my work is appreciated X3v

and thanks~! but they're actually just University midterms now (four coming up) OTZ
the 'entrance' is really just like, moving in, getting settled down in my dorm, etc. ^^;
no 'entrance exam' XD; I guess the way I wrote it was kinda misleading...I'll go fix that >3>
oh i probably didnt read it right..i was skimming anywayz..
wah so you still have exams now ><
26 days left xD (the count down continues -.-')
what degree are you doing?
yeah, gotta cram, since I've got a midterm and a test coming up on Tuesday & Wednesday OTZ
I'm majoring in Media, haven't chosen a minor yet though...maybe psychology? XD;
eek yeah i'm cramming too. we have two weeks of study break and one week has gone past already..haha so much for studying o.O...
stupid uni entrance exams -.-'

media and psychology that'd be so interesting ^^
if i get into uni it'd be in something boring like med sci/biotec/biomed..
or thats what i've applied for so far ><

goodluck girl! <3
ttys ^^
wow, entrance exams...I'm glad Canada doesn't require those O____o;

oh don't worry, I love biology, but I don't think I'd want to work hard enough to keep up in a science major XDDDD;
I admire people who can confidently major in science/math though =D

good luck with your entrance exams~! ^^b
(haha, I should really be studying right now too =3=)
thanks so much for your hard work!!!
Hi, Ninefly..


I like wat u did w/ Kat-Tun's lyrics.. I'm looking for these for a long time, 'coz I wrote any songs' lyric tat I like in my lyric book(s).
Could I copy yours?

Also, can I add u as friend?

Arigatou gozaimasu.

Yoroshiku ne!
I don't mind as long as you don't sell the lyric books or give copies out to people (if you do, just credit me with "translation by ninefly@livejournal" and it'll be fine)
I'm happy that you like my lyrics though ^^

and yeah, go ahead, lots of people friend me to watch my journal ^^
I don't have many relevant journal entries on this journal anyway, so I usually don't friend people back, hope you don't mind XD;

Don't worry

Dear Ninefly,

Don't worry.. My lyrics books is only for myself. I don't sell to anyone. 'Coz it's my Precious One.

I have added you as friend.

Arigatou ne..
Hi ! Thanks so much for all the translations you did, and the color codes, that's really kind of you ! ♥
Could I please translate them to French and post them to my LJ ? I'd give proper credit of course :)
sorry for the late reply, yes you're allowed to retranslate ^^
as for credits, please link back to my original posts or just to ninefly.livejournal.com
good luck!
Thank you~ :)
Oke, I see you have some Saiyuki translations. Thank you! I can finally understand my Offroad! XD
hi ninefly, remember me?
the other day i asked ur permission to use ur translation of R-One KAT-TUN #55 with kame as the guest.
well, i've finished the subbing & have posted it on jone_records

anyway, i just want to thank you for letting me use ur translation. it was fun ^^
I'm glad it was helpful ^^
this episode was really cute, I'm glad you've taken the hard work to make subs!

One Piece translations?


I'm from summarpirates and I was wondering if you had any interest in doing translation work for us? We have some Haga Inochi that you may like to work on, plus lots of other ZoSan! I'm only asking since papercut_scans seems to be dead, and you seem to love ZoSan very much! If you're interested, I can add you to the team immediately and allow you to choose what projects you'd like to work on (: If you're not interested, I'm really sorry for wasting your time!

Hoping for a favourable reply~


Re: One Piece translations?

hey there, your comment actually just reminded me that I really need to finish up that OP doujin anthology I've been working on for over two years (or more Oo;) I've just recently gotten through a lot of RL stuff that's kept all my projects on hold, hopefully it won't persist...

sadly, it does seem papercut_scans is dead (the other staff have all been silent too) I'd be glad to help out with you guys though! (I'll probably be much faster if it's only translating I have to do instead of editing and cleaning too...)

are there any specific stories you want me to translate (hopefully not too pr0ny)?

(joined the comm, yoroshiku!)

Re: One Piece translations?

OMG yay~

I've sent you an invite to join properly :D Feel free to look around and pick the projects you want to work on! You only have to do translation; we have staff who will be happy to do everything else! The Haga Inochi we have scanned is a little porny, though, haha;; We're going to get some gen in soon -- if you want to work on that, then comment on Roseveare's contact post and ask about it ^_^

That OP doujin anthology was offered to futari_kiri a while back (or so I was told) so if you do translate any more of it, be sure to send it to them, okay? :D If they say they don't want it, then we'll definitely do it~

Looking forward to working with you!! ♥

Re: One Piece translations?

okay, i contacted futari_kiri and asked if they're doing the project, I'll PM you back when they reply ^^

also, I'm going to have access problems to the scans since I'm in China and apparently China hates mediafire (and imageshack) DDDDD:
I'll be returning to North America in September though, so I can start working on stuff then OTZ

in the mean time, I'll try fiddling with proxies and tell you if I'm successful (though I've already been trying to access mediafire in China for over three months...)

looking forward to working with you too!

Re: One Piece translations?


Oh shit. If there's anything you want to see, I can upload it to sendspace or megaupload for you! (covers I'll upload to my LJ scraps!) Just leave a comment on my contact post with the doujinshi you're interested in seeing and I'll do it ASAP!

Permission for re-translations

Hello there!
We're an italin team that would like to ask your permission about re-translating some of your doujinshi works in our native language =)
Our policy is to keep all the original credits and to place the links of yours livejournal posts into the info text-box of each doujinshi.
For the Joint projects, we have asked for other groups' consent as well, as geuna, and summarpirates have already given it to us ^^

Thank You~

Re: Permission for re-translations

hi there!
thanks for asking my permission (as well as the group's!) go ahead and re-translate as you like! =)
it would be great if you give me some links or a list of which ones you're using, just because I'm curious ;D
good luck and happy holidays!

Re: Permission for re-translations

Thank you so much! ^^
Will send a pm with more details~
Will you do some more of Gintama Please ??
Thanks for posting, I like this blog!

Excellent post I must say.. Simple but yet interesting and engaging.. Keep up the awesome work!

thanks for the hard work! may god bless you. i'm always looking forward for your translation.
I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here.